"I love working at   Mahajan Carpets .
I have seen Mool Raj Kishore's grandchildren grow up in front of my eyes.
I consider them my children too.
I consider this family [Mool Raj Kishore's family], my family"


Mahajan Carpets employs over 300 people, some of whom have been a part of our company since its establishment.
We are an ethical company that practices non-discriminatory employment, offers fair wages, provides safe working environments and is strictly against child labor or exploitation of any kind. We support local weavers and artisans from Varanasi – their virtuosity is what makes all our products one of a kind.


From sourcing sustainable materials to eco-conscious processes and practices, Mahajan Carpets is a company that deeply cares about our planet.
Our carpets & rugs are of the highest quality which ensures a long life and lessens the need to discard and replace.
Moreover, many of our Outdoor Rugs are made from 100 % recycled PET!